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4/22/2013 9:51 AM


This Presentation was prepared by Neelam Dhar who is a subject matter expert in the Pharma domain. You can read more about her in her blog Neeru's Corner.




10/18/2012 8:07 PM
Following is the comparison of load/consumptions of June, July and August (prior to plug load exercise) and September (post plug load exercise) in both our offices.

Load Analysis - 209 Office

Load Analysis - 309 Office

Following is the comparison of load/consumptions of August and September of this year (2012) and last year same periods (2011) in both our offices.

Load Analysis - 209

Load Analysis - 309

Strategies implemented to reduce Energy wastage:

Chilled Water Decreased the AC usage during the power cut timings, lunch, non-office hours...
10/10/2012 4:10 PM
The amount of wastage needs to be identified and reduced. One of the techniques that we have tried out in our company was to determine the Load (Plug Load). Taking inputs from, we have performed a similar exercise and tracked the various loads as follows :

Appliance/Device : the name of the appliance or device being listed Qty : Quantity - number of appliances used Volts: load voltage of the device. This information will be available on the sticker attached to the device AC/DC : if the appliance uses AC or DC power Run Watts : The Run Watts consumed when the device is in operation.  Most electrical appliances list their energy consumption, but the device power draw can always be calculated by directly measuring the measure the amps and multiply by 117 volts to determine the watts.  Stickers listing wattage are for peak loads and can usually be discounted by 25% and still be accurate. Hours/Day...
9/20/2012 2:25 AM

Introduction Data management is one of the essential database maintenance tasks. Having a good backup plan in place helps organizations to recover the data from any failure in a very efficient way. In order to recover from a failure, organizations have to restore a set of backups in a logically correct and meaningful sequence. In SQL Server 2008 Microsoft redesigned the method through which Database Maintenance Plans are created and managed through a wizard in SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS).

Target audience This document is intended as a guide  for SQL Server database administrators (DBAs), data protection architects, backup administrators and whoever is seeking information on how to take database backup and restore using SQL Server Management Studio(SSMS). In order to go through this document, one should be...
8/31/2012 6:03 PM
“Every watt not used is a watt that doesn’t have to be produced, processed, or stored.” -Richard Perez, Home Power, March 1997 In an attempt to conserve electricity, we started to think of how much energy are we really wasting than utilizing. Since Energy can never be destroyed but converted from one form to another, we need to look at how much are we using and how much is being wasted. This could be achieved only when we get to know how much we are utilizing. What do you mean by wasting energy: we all know that we use electricity for various purposes in an office environment – be it lighting or for several electrical appliances like desktop computers, servers, A/c’s, refrigerators, fans, microwaves, ovens, Televisions, washing machine, phone answering machines, stereo system, vacuum cleaner, etc., each having its own reason to be with us. Do we switch these on all the time or only when they have a task to be performed? Well it all depends on the appliance. For ex: refrigerators, answering machines, etc.,...
6/23/2012 11:49 PM
The Inforica India Testing Team had been maintaining the Work Items like Bugs, Issues, Tasks etc from Team Foundation Server browser instances for quite some time and then we happened to find out an in-built feature which makes the user integrate the whole TFS instance to an MS-Excel instance. In other words, in the Microsoft Visual Studio project instance, for a particular work item query, we can export the query results into MS-Excel and sustain/inherit the vitality-expanse of the Excel features Following are the advantages gained :

All TFS Work Items can be maintained in an Excel sheet format with its lucid and popularly known features Testing Team can maintain the Bug Life Cycle states without having to open the browser versions of TFS CRUD operations in Excel gets reflected in the TFS instance Excel Security passwords take care of internal secureness quotients TFS instance and the MS-Excel instance acts like simultaneous backups of the work items/bugs archived Connecting...
6/22/2012 6:45 PM
These days there is a lot of activity going on in saving environment, going green, etc., how to do something that saves our environment and contributes to going green? The ends are clear but may be the means are not!! We may have enough knowledge and idea on going green, but how do we implement? How are we to manage buildings, energy budgets and emission reduction programs all over the world? We need to first list down the problems we are facing and pick up a tool that solves them. 

Let us list down some of the problems:

HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) equipment that is simultaneously heating and cooling a given space due to a failed sensor or other fault. Technicians dealing with low priority or false alerts about building anomalies, while the notification system fails to highlight more impactful issues. Default configurations for all systems and pieces of equipment, meaning they run at suboptimal set points and are rarely updated after initial configuration. Lack of visibility and attention to energy waste on the part of occupants and building engineers....
6/1/2012 6:06 PM
Facility Managers always have a hard way – be it managing their facilities in terms of maintenance or looking after the utility consumptions or managing and collecting the bills from the Facility owners.  We have identified this at Al Hamra Village and have come up with a unique and smart solution.

Al Hamra Village, a picturesque freehold residential development ranging over 5 million square metres, set around salt water lagoons with stunning white sand beaches, a championship golf course, its own marina, Mall and the 5-star Al Hamra Fort Hotel.

As a pilot implementation, we have suggested and installed Smart Meters to capture the electricity and water consumption of different Facilities every 15 minutes. These Smart Meters well known as Real time meters are connected to the internet 24*7.

The following has been done as part of the Pilot project in AHG:

A Facility and Energy management web application Smart Meters get the consumption reading every 15 minutes Consumption...
4/14/2012 10:18 AM
Performance analysis and tuning is an iterative process. There are no shortcuts to improve the performance of an application. Before I reveal a couple of tools that help developers identify performance bottlenecks in their applications, let me first talk about a few basic things - most often we (software developers) get feedback saying "the application is too slow (it sucks !)". Now, this is obviously not a welcome feedback. Novice developers might quickly say -"let's comment out all the time consuming code and the application is all set ;) " Well, that's not a bad idea, rather is an option at times.

Okay, what are the areas that a developer should concentrate on when we observe that applications are performing badly - here is the list:

Memory usage and leaks CPU usage Amount of I/O (writing to disk, database, sockets, etc) Time to render the application UI (applicable to windows, web applications) The following tools aims at helping those developers analysing and fine tuning the performance of applications:

3/1/2012 11:30 AM

Credit card transactions which happen over POS (Point Of Sales) terminals are stored in excel formats and transmitted to a central file server at frequent intervals ( 5 minutes). These files are taken as an input in transactions processing engine which analyzes all the files to remove - duplicates and dirty data and is populated into a Microsoft CRM database that is used for Customer relationship Management. This data is then analyzed and populated into a cube. The cube is accessible from excel and the reports are accessible from Microsoft CRM.

To read more about how this was achieved read the document - Credit Card Transaction Processing and Analysis

Written by Savio Fernando and Dinesh P

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