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Oct 10

Energy Wastage Analysis – Plug Load Analysis

The amount of wastage needs to be identified and reduced. One of the techniques that we have tried out in our company was to determine the Load (Plug Load). Taking inputs from, we have performed a similar exercise and tracked the various loads as follows :

  • Appliance/Device : the name of the appliance or device being listed
  • Qty : Quantity - number of appliances used
  • Volts: load voltage of the device. This information will be available on the sticker attached to the device
  • AC/DC : if the appliance uses AC or DC power
  • Run Watts : The Run Watts consumed when the device is in operation.  Most electrical appliances list their energy consumption, but the device power draw can always be calculated by directly measuring the measure the amps and multiply by 117 volts to determine the watts.  Stickers listing wattage are for peak loads and can usually be discounted by 25% and still be accurate.
  • Hours/Day : How many hours per day the appliance is being used.
  • Days/Week : Specify the number of days per week the appliance is used
  • W-hours/day : Total Watt-Hours per day for that given appliance based on previous input.
  • Percent of Total : The percentage of total electricity use for the entire system of the given appliance.

Following is a sampe of our tracking:

Load Analysis Chart

After filling up this list, we have identified where the load could be reduced to some extent. We have identified that the Servers, CPUs, Air Conditioners, CRT Monitors were some of the top load consuming appliances. Understanding how to reduce the load on these equipment was a challenge since they were the essential equipment in the office. Contact us for further details on  our Load Analysis Template.

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