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Oct 18

Energy Wastage Analysis – Comparison, Strategy and Observations

Following is the comparison of load/consumptions of June, July and August (prior to plug load exercise) and September (post plug load exercise) in both our offices.

Load Analysis - 209 Office

Load Analysis - 309 Office

Following is the comparison of load/consumptions of August and September of this year (2012) and last year same periods (2011) in both our offices.

Load Analysis - 209

Load Analysis - 309

Strategies implemented to reduce Energy wastage:

  1. Chilled Water
  • Decreased the AC usage during the power cut timings, lunch, non-office hours depending on the density of the associates
  1. Electricity
  • Implementation of the Power saving mode for the CPUs and monitors
  • Switch off the ovens to remove the phantom loads (battery consumption)
  • Above chilled water implementation


  1. There has been a decrease in the consumption the energy by reducing the energy wastage (by implementing the  strategies (a and b) above)
  2. The Diesel consumption has increased due to the increase in power cuts and a decrease in the electricity consumption
  3. There has been an increase in the diesel rates from the month of September (which is a new cost).
  4. Floor Utility Type Aug 2012 Consumption (kWh) Sep 2012 Consumption (kWh) % Saving
    209 Electricity 4866.0 4162.8 14.45
    209 Chilled Water 2466.2 2414.4 2.10
    309 Electricity 4082.4 3598.8 11.85
    309 Chilled Water 2239.9 2219.9 0.89


There has been an overall decrease in consumption of load leading to a decrease in the wastage of Energy implying Energy Savings. This has also proven to be a monetary benefit.

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