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Power Tools to Manage Windows Azure Database

Power Tools is used to manage the Windows Azure Database. The problem is many of us don’t know how to write SQL scripts and are not technically knowledgeable to manage or consume the API provided by Microsoft.

This tool have has the capability to

  • Manage Server on Windows Azure.
  • Manage Database which includes creating a new database and list down all the databases
  • Manage DB / Server Roles on Cloud
  • Assign permission to users in order to what a user can perform or not against database
  • Customize Reporting
  • Creating X.509 Certificates
  • Adding fire wall rules

Is there and SDK are available for Inforica Power tools ?

Yes, send us a request to get the SDK, after installing the  SDK you will be able to integrate the functionality into your custom application.


Product screenshots

Main Navigation

Database List Screen

User Management Screen

Frequently Asked Questions


1.      My Licesne is expired what should I do?

  • Renew your Licesne
  • Extend you trial license by sending us product feedback.

2.      Why I am not able to connect to Windows Azure account from Inforica poer tools.

  • Check your firewall settigns in Windows Azure portal against your System IP

3.      Can I install this product on 64 Bit or 32 bit System

  • Yes we have a seperate version for both platforms. Let us know the platform version while requesting for the download.


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