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Invoice Reporting and Analysis
  1. Do you have an energy and environmental data management process in place today which accurately tracks, analyzes and reports your data?
  2. Are you confident that you understand the total cost of your organization’s energy use and environmental impact?
  3. Is your organization faced with stakeholder demands to publicly report environmental performance?
  4. Do you understand your energy usage and cost?
  5. Do you want your consumption to be tracked, analyzed and reports generated out of them for making the most effective decisions? Do you want your consumption invoices to be managed?

We at Inforica, cater to all your invoicing needs right from entering them to tracking and analyzing your consumptions. We add a reporting dimension to it that helps you in understanding your current trends and taking decisions on saving energy and conserving the environment. This also gives you predictability of your energy needs. Do not worry about where you are, we are accessible from anywhere 24*7.

At Inforica our experience has shown that the establishment of an enterprise-wide energy and environmental data foundation combined with expert analysis is a key element to being able to respond to the above questions in an manner that will deliver best results. With a data foundation in place along with on-going expert analysis the stage is then set for organizations to make better decisions which lead to improved risk management, cost savings and a reduced environmental impact.

Inforica does the ‘heavy lifting’ involved in the collection, management, analysis, reporting and on-going maintenance of this comprehensive data foundation on behalf of multi-location organizations and others alike. Along with this ‘heavy lifting’ we provide you with proactive expert analysis across the entire energy use value chain to measure energy costs, consumption, and greenhouse gas emissions, enabling you to report your energy use and environmental impact with confidence. Ultimately, we help you make better decisions to reduce both your energy costs and your environmental impact.

Data Input & Utility Bill Validation You can't manage what you don't measure. Data Input & Utility Bill Validation services provide a comprehensive and reliable solution for collecting, validating, recording, analyzing and reporting your energy data. Data Input & Bill Validation services offer a proven solution for multi-location organizations and others in response to the complex challenge of collecting and managing energy data through a secure system including quality assurance, on-going management and maintenance.
Utility Bill Payment & Accounting Inforica collects, processes and pays over 15,000 utility invoices monthly and identifies and fully rectifies billing errors on behalf of its clients as they relate to energy costs, late payment charges, and consumption behavior.
Energy & Emissions Reporting Energy use is a principal source of carbon emissions. With an effective energy data foundation in place you can track energy and related emission data to establish baselines, greenhouse gas inventories, and report on your carbon footprint with confidence. Inforica’s Client Portal, which is fully integrated with our entire solution offering, provides you with 24X7 access to your customized energy and environmental data and allows you to run standard and user-defined reports at the click of a button.
Reporting & Communications Strategy Dashboard In support of your overall sustainability program initiatives or other related corporate-wide initiatives, Inforica's Reporting and Communication Strategy Dashboard solution, utilizing cloud and web-based technology, provides a comprehensive scorecard of energy data and results tailored to your specific internal and external reporting and communications needs.
Analytics Inforica combines our energy and environmental expertise across the entire energy use value chain with our data centric approach to provide you with the insight and expert analysis to identify and recommend actions to help you make informed decisions that drive improved budget accuracy, greater efficiency and cost savings.


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