Utility Information Management


Inforica can tailor a solution to the specific needs when it comes to Utility Information management. Together with our Electrical and Water metering partners we design and install Interval metering hardware that will allow for 100% visibility into a clients consumption patterns.

  • Consumption comparison with peak vs. demand
  • Patterns against weather data
  • Anomalies and trends by facility or metering points
  • Efficiency initiatives and tracking savings in real time

Our steps to a well defined Utility Information management solution are as follows:

Sub Metering

Together with out hardware vendor we provide the following services:

  • Design, Install and Configure the Metering hardware
  • Alert Via SMS or email, for any anomalies in consumption patterns, water leakages or power thefts
  • Interval Data authentication for all metering points that is received by our system
  • A cloud based web application for users to login and view consumption, run analytics and trend reports.

Invoice Production and Delivery

With accurate data the utility billing engine will provide the following:

  • In real time pro-forma bills for daily consumption
  • A Tariff engine to calculate or add charge types to tenants monthly utility bill
  • A split bill option that reflects total consumption for a facility with a breakdown by load / department or floors. (This is possible only if metering points are metered)

Historical Bill Entry and Baseline Creation

  • Historical bills can be manually entered or can be uploaded into the system to create a baseline and run regression analysis.

Reporting and Utility Analytics

Based on the hardware the Inforica Reporting and Analytical engine can be used to create daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly reports by Facilities or Metering points

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