Utility Invoice Data Management

Inforica India’s Utility Invoice Management team offers an unparalleled value to clients for managing their utility invoices. We focus on helping clients achieve cost savings through rigorous tracking of invoices, avoiding late payments and overdue charges. We offer detailed real time feeds and reports to initiate immediate action as the variances are crossed to manage costs within hours.

Inforica also helps manage invoices by generating detailed bill forecasts and automated mailers and messages to avoid clients having to spend on avoidable late charges and possible disconnections. We also offer real time metering services for clients to see exactly their consumption trends.

Inforica’s Invoice Management System comes in two offerings, an online applications and a desktop application both customized to needs, offering a great reduction in invoice transaction costs. The system goes a step further to automatically retrieve invoices from supplier websites and feed them into the system. Further value add is offered by reducing human error on entries by using advanced OCR scripting and validations to directly input data into the system.

We process over 20000 invoices a month with a transactional value exceeding US $70 million for clients from diverse industries.

Utility Invoice Management Service highlights:

  • Over $70 million of invoice value managed every month.
  • Retrieves invoices from various supplier multi-platform websites to ensure no invoices  are missed.
  • Shortest time to migrate from legacy systems thus enabling quicker return on investment.
  • No late fees due to missed invoices.
  • Reduced processing cost due to  higher automation levels.
  • Customized reports
  • Continuous tracking of bills on a daily basis and threshold triggers to escalate where necessary
  • GPS enabled location to ensure accurate environmental weightage in utility calculations and forecast

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