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Facility and Utility Data Management

Inforica FM consists of a suite of products that enable organizations manage their facility and utility data. This product portfolio consists of

  1. Interval Meter Data Analysis
  2. Facility Management
  3. Invoice Management and Reporting

Interval Meter Data Analysis

Interval energy data is a fine-grained record of energy consumption, with readings made at regular intervals throughout the day, every day. Interval energy data contains a lot of information about a building's energy usage. Our software makes it easy to turn the raw data into useful charts and figures which can be used to derive useful actionable information. Click here to learn more.

Facility Management

Inforica FM is a web based integrated facility management software that is developed in a modular architecture. It has a work flow engine that enables users to automate and co-ordinate different activities. Asset Management controls the assets and its location. Fixed assets, IT assets and consumable assets can be managed using asset management. It also has a help desk module to manage end user queries and issues. Click here to learn more.

Invoice Management and Reporting

Invoice Management and Reporting, caters to all your invoicing needs right from entering them to tracking and analyzing your consumptions. We add a reporting dimension to it that helps you in understanding your current trends and taking decisions on saving energy and conserving the environment. This also gives you predictability of your energy needs. Click here to learn more.


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