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Mobile Application Development


  • Inforica uses latest technologies when it comes to mobile application development. 
  • Titanium studio was used for development of Ricoh Field Service Automation (FSA) which is an Android Mobile application developed for Ricoh used by service agents.  
  • Mobi TFS an easy to use TFS  client interface for android has been develeoped using Titanium studio.
  • Rak Pages an Android Mobile application which is used as yellow pages in Ras Al Khaimah was developed using Xamarin studio. 
  • My Digicity an Android Mobile application which is used as an emerging city discovery platform that helps to find places, businesses, services and deals etc., everything in just a click was developed using Titanium studio. 
  • Al Hamra Village mobile application was developed using Adobe PhoneGap. 

Xamarin Studio 

Xamarin addresses what has been an underserved segment of the mobile development market — namely, C# developers who want to build native mobile apps without having to learn new languages and tools.” 

“In 2014, Xamarin enjoyed strong growth in the enterprise, more than doubling its customers. It attracted high-profile partners such as IBM, SAP, and Oracle and has a growing partner ecosystem.” 

Build Your Own Messaging App in XAML

One of the most popular features of Xamarin.forms is the ability to use your existing XAML experience to build UIs for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.  Microsoft Azure, originally made use of the C# API for creating user interfaces. 

Build Cross Platform UIs in XAML

If you are coming from a Windows background, Xamarin.forms XAML will feel right at home! If you aren’t, there are still plenty of great reasons to build your user interface using XAML. 


XAML is often more succinct and readable than the equivalent code in C#. This is especially true when building complex view hierarchies with multiple layouts. Additionally, the parent-child hierarchy inherent in XML allows XAML to mimic the hierarchy of user interface objects with greater visual clarity. 

Separation of Concerns

Rather than having an entire page represented in one file, XAML allows you to clearly separate views from the accompanying logic associated with the view, thus making your application more modular. 

MVVM Data Binding & Commands

The Model-View-View Model (MVVM) architectural pattern is very common in mobile development today – and for good reason. Traditionally, MVVM allows you to further enforce separation of concerns by separating the user interface from the data, with a bridge called a view model.  

Titanium Studio

Titanium Studio is an all-inclusive powerful Eclipse-based integrated development environment (IDE) that simplifies the mobile app code development process. Use this app code development environment to rapidly build, test, package and publish mobile, desktop and web applications. Take advantage of new functionality like advanced app code assisting and testing, ACS integration, module management, Git integration, an enhanced publishing workflow and a full-featured app code editor. Manage Titanium projects, test your mobile apps in the simulator or on device, automate app packaging deploy to a public or private App Store and much more all from within the new Titanium Studio. 

Adobe PhoneGap

Adobe PhoneGap is a standards-based, open-source development framework for building cross-platform mobile apps with HTML, CSS and JavaScript for iOS, Android™ and Windows® Phone 8. 

Write a PhoneGap app once with HTML and JavaScript and deploy it to any mobile device without losing features of a native app


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